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Hiring someone to take care of your rental home in Phoenix, Arizona is especially important should you live outside of the Phoenix area. Though most absentee landlords have local friends or family available to assist them in emergency cases, there is no replacement for the expertise and knowledge of an experienced Arizona property management company. Should your rental property's sewage system fail, flooding the yard and basement, your property management company will already have working relationships with the needed local professionals to repair the damage, saving you research time and the hassle of dealing with a potentially unethical businesses. Better yet, having a professional checking in on your property may avoid such a disaster in the first place, as many companies will inspect the property and advise you on recommended repairs.

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I have been utilizing Arrow Property Management to service my rental properties for over two years. They manage a total of seven properties in Arizona for me. In all of my dealings with this company, I have been pleased with their responsiveness to either mine or my tenant’s requests. They have always been professional and extremely diligent in assuring that everyone complies with all of the various rules and regulations relating to residential property rental. I have also found that I can trust their advice regarding issues relating to issues with tenants, HOA’s, and the various county/city agencies. If you are looking for a property management company in the Phoenix Arizona valley that is both knowledgeable and professional, I would recommend you consider Arrow.
- Dave T.

Now, more so than ever in recent decades, real estate investors are realizing that quality homes can be had for cheap. With the recent drop in the real estate prices, more people are considering the extra income that can be had through purchasing and renting out their homes.

Phoenix is no exception to this nationwide phenomenon. Indeed, the Arizona market as a whole is quite strong, with record numbers of people moving to all metro areas. However, investing in real estate rental property no less so than "flipped" property—should never be undertaken lightly. In fact rentals, in particular, brings with it more considerations than mere market values and sales projections. We specialize in helping landlords wade through the murk of marketing, tax filing, maintaining, rent collecting, interviewing, and (when needed) evicting.

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